Sunday, March 2, 2014

So Spoiled

Many people comment on how difficult this way of life must be.  I'd hardly call this life, difficult.  Different from mainstream, yes; but difficult, hardly!  This isn't easy to admit, but in coming to understand how far our society is from our Creator's plan, I have to confess, I'm spoiled, spoiled  rotten.  This perspective is such a blessing in my life.  

I don't have trouble falling asleep at night because there is enough physical work to make me tired, and when I awaken in the middle of the night, it isn't insomnia, it's a chance to commune with my Heavenly Father and precious Messiah.  It's okay if I'm awake for two or three hours in the night, I don't have to drive to work in rush hour traffic at a specific time.  I do have some roosters who get a bit testy about the chicken house door coming open before sunrise, but they just have to wait til dawn.  There are goats who voice their insistence that it's time to start the day, when they hear me in the kitchen.  Since they have access to food and water, I insist on one cup of coffee and a devotion before I go out.  I really don't know how they know, in the winter with the windows closed that I'm stirring, but they do.  I have no need for an alarm, it's these sounds of country life to which I awaken.

I am on a first name basis with my UPS man, and he gave me his personal cell number, as well as bringing treats for Hank when making a delivery or picking up my orders to go out.  My trips to town are few and far between.   Even in the season of garden dormancy, the cellar holds canning jars containing last year's crops.  Did you know home grown canned tomatoes actually have more flavor than "fresh tomatoes" in the produce section in winter?  I haven't bought anything but butter and cheese when it's on sale, in the dairy section, for nearly a decade, now.  Milk and eggs are literally farm fresh, daily.   My town purchases consist primarily of dog food, paper products, coffee and wine.  I'm working on a coffee substitute and making wine, but neither is perfected yet!

I got rid of my television years before I moved to homesteading, so the fact that cable doesn't come to my neck o' the woods, doesn't matter.  My life really doesn't require electronic entertainment, and if it did, I'm sure I could come up with somthing via internet.  Even on line, I'd rather read than watch videos.  Reading and gardening are among my favorite pass times.  And who doesn't love baby animals?   The adult animals are just pretty entertaining and interactive, as well.  The gifts and interests I have, actually support my lifestyle!  What a concept?  I love helping people feel better, and the business I've been blessed to start offers exactly that!

So many people think I work very hard to live simply, but it's really just the opposite.  In the time it's taken many people just to get their vehicles de-iced and ready to head to work, I've cracked all the stock tanks, checked the critters, and returned indoors to enjoy a nice leisurely cup of coffee.   Every day, I get to basically plan my indoor schedule so I can do laundry and have dinner cooking while I'm working, not to mention, clean my house when I take a break to stretch my legs.  I don't do any more work than other women, and far less than many, I'm sure; but by working from home, I can overlap so many tasks.

Several years ago while doing some traveling in ministry, I remember the voice of Abba telling me that mission work was not about geography.  He gently told me the traveling was a blessing for that time, but my call did not involve physical traveling.  I was very active at that time in community ministry, so even as I heard that, I didn't have the understanding of this plan!   Now that I'm here doing what I'm doing, I realize I do not have to leave the place to literally take the Good News 'round the world.

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