Sunday, March 9, 2014

Just Between Us Girls

Seems most any place in America the subject of modesty is being discussed.  From social media, religious organizations, local cafes, and kitchen tables, the subject is open for debate, with breasts and cleavage usually being in the forefront.  Pardon the pun.

I am rather buxom, and in my heathen days, I did not always dress modestly.  I dressed appropriately for work, of course, but showing cleavage through my social hours was certainly not out of the question nor out of the ordinary.  I'm not proud of that fact at all and it is something that changed when I became a believer.  To be honest, it isn't even that I think I'll cause anyone to lust, it's just a matter of being covered, which brings me to my amazing discovery of this past week.

Monday morning was cold, bitter cold with a little snow on the ground, with a rather sizeable accumulation expected.  As I did chores, the biting wind made it obvious that more winter weather was on the way.  On days of rain or snow, I try to always have extra gloves with me.  Just one grasp of a snowy gate clasp or wet feed barrel can render gloves wet and virtually useless in protection from the elements.

In preparing for Monday morning chores, I inadvertently came across the actual purpose for cleavage.  Through the years, my cleavage has been a practical safe keeping for everything from a few extra dollars to tissues to a cell phone, but in all these years of homesteading this recent fact had eluded me, until this past Monday.  I had bundled up, with a water repellent cover over my winter chore coat, so pockets were virtually inaccessible.  In my haste to get outdoors, I almost forgot a second pair of gloves.  When the thought did occur to me, I just grabbed the gloves and stuffed them down the front of my bra.  That was much more accessible than trying to find the pockets that were layered under the "bundling up!"

Through chores that cold morning, my gloves did get wet and my hands cold, after a time.   When I reached for the second pair of dry gloves, not only were they dry, they were warm.  A second pair of gloves in my bra is now part of my winter essentials!

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