Sunday, September 8, 2013

About Choice

The first sermon I formally preached was entitled "Choose to be Chosen" based upon the Scripture 1 Peter 2:9-11, which also just happens to contain the adjective, peculiar, as in people generally, princess specifically!  Interesting how this has come full circle in eighteen years.

I now publish many "sermons" and am very grateful to be able to work from home.  I gave a bit more insight as to this awesome blessing in my article in "The Other 1%."  Working at home, means I can literally do anything my heart desires to do; and my heart desires to serve my King, who just happens to be King of Kings, a.k.a. King of the universe.  Working from home affords me a great variety of interests and activities that I truly would not have, any other way.  Not only am I able to work in a variety of endeavors, I am also able to accomplish a great many mundane household chores and personal activities that would "be waiting for me" after work, if I worked away from home.

Hair washing day for me is the one day, I don't do alot on line because I can't wear a head covering while my hair is drying and it's an all day project at best.  Therefore internet discourse, which I consider to be speaking publicly, is limited.  That's the day I do my other things.  Besides it's usually the day after the big publication, so I'm all screened and keyboarded out for a day.  I love the way YHWH has arranged my schedule!

This past Monday was delightful.  I'm reorganizing my soap business to make shipping more uniform, so every new batch of soap is aimed for the bars to be the same dimensions.  So many of my projects seem to be a learn as I go adventure, but that's okay, as long as I'm learning . . . So here I am out in my soap making space, with my hair drying in the most wonderful house dress on the planet.  It was hand made by a wonderful seamstress, and the fact that I ended up with this is a blessing, which came gift wrapped in insults.

 As I mixed and measured, I thought of how many gifts I missed out on before I was walking with YHWH, because I chose to be offended.  I'm not one to hold a grudge, but I do like to avoid rejection and insult as often as possible, but this particular incident taught me something more.  My last husband's family did not like me, they didn't want him to marry me, and after the wedding, their views didn't change, and they made sure I was aware of that.  I shouldn't say his entire family, just the immediate members, with the exception of his brother, and he had the most wonderful Aunties, just precious women.

Shortly after the marriage, one of the Auntie's took very ill and passed.  In her belongings was the house dress that I referred to earlier.  I've made mention in the past of not being a small woman.  So, after the "real family," the blood kin went through everything, I was offered this house dress that Aunt Doris had made in her "bigger years."  I was so delighted to have any memento at all from this lovely lady, I accepted the insults that came along with it.  First, my then husband's mother informed me it was just way too big on her, and it just swallowed my then sister-in-law, and no one else would fill it out . . . so they naturally thought of me.  Well, praise YHWH, I didn't even entertain the thoughts that knocked at my brain, I was simply so thrilled.  Truth be told, it will go around me twice, but that makes no difference.  I am thrilled to have been so blessed.

Now all these years later, muddy water under the burnt bridges, I still delight in having known this lovely woman, and my sentimental house dress is my choice, for special hair drying days, only!

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