Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rainwater Rinse For a Princess

I am a hand-maid of the Most High G-d, therefore I have very long hair. My desire is, in paradise after the resurrection, to be able to wash Messiah's feet and dry them with my hair . . . Since I have no idea regarding my numbered days, I want to be prepared, so I don't cut it. That has not always been the case, but it has been for 9 years, now. I cut the hair dye off my hair, leaving it pretty short at the time in late February 2004, so here it is the anniversary of my last hair cut! It's amazing how quickly hair will grow. It's now long enough to sit on and I don't dare try to sleep without it held in some sort of tie or braid. The other part of this long hair, is it's silver and I don't pin it up, except in the hot summer time when gardening or canning. I wear it down . . . It makes me feel feminine!

Now I've given all this background info, for really no apparent reason, other than to say, I consider it a blessing to have long hair and I use, of course, my natural shampoo on it and sometimes I'm blessed with a rain water rinse. I prefer those in the spring and summer, but today was an exception.

I did chores this morning as efficiently as possible as a winter storm is heading this way. I wanted to make sure all the critters had adequate food and shelter and the new arrivals were safely tucked in with their mamas. There was a new set of twins again this morning and I was pretty sure they belonged to my grandson's not so great mama goat. She was bottle fed as a baby, because her mama was not so great, either, so this poor little goat, once she's got the baby dry, she sort of goes free range on us. This year she had twins, well I was pretty sure they were hers, although everyone's expecting! As per her custom, the babies were tucked in dry and looking fed, and she's wandering . . . I got her back to her babies, finished up chores, came in to get my hair washed, so it would have time to almost be dry by evening chores. I don't have to wash it every day, but the days I do, drying is an all day affair. Since it was 40 degrees, I wanted it to be as dry as possible before evening. Well, that's not how it worked out, although the as the rain continues, it's looking all together likely, I'll get a second rain water rinse tonight.

I happened to look out the window as I was tending to dishes after my shower with the towel on my head, when I saw one of the new babies out in the rain, crying. Well, princess or not, wet head or not, I couldn't leave that baby out crying in the rain, so I grabbed my coat, threw off the towel and headed out doors. In the little house were two big goats and one little baby. I saw my grandson's mama goat stop at the crying baby, give him a little drink and head to her little house, baby in tow. As I approached the pen, what I saw was a complete and delightful surprise. This little pygmy mama that never seemed to really catch on to motherhood, ran those two big goats out of her house and had her baby tucked in with her in no time at all.

I got to their little house, in the rain, in time to see both babies enjoying a mid morning snack! Mama got ahold of motherhood, babies had warm milk, and this princess had a rainwater rinse.

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