Sunday, February 24, 2013

Today I Thanked YHWH

I thank my G-d, every day, but today was a special thank you. I thanked Him for making me a princess, because truth be told, I was already peculiar . . . I am a very spiritual individual and was created as such, but all spirituality is not G-dly. As I did the chores this morning, I thought of how peaceful, how serene it is here in the Land of Goshen. I enjoy being home, and I appreciate the fact that I come in contact with hundred and thousands of people a month, but I get to live in the country, and have the option of seclusion, at least at times.

After I thanked Him, I envisioned myself living a parallel lifestyle, only a different spiritual direction. I believe every problem and solution in life is spiritual, on some level, so the glimpse I had was a diametrically opposing spiritual lifestyle. Rather than answering questions at AllExperts, I pictured myself answering a psychic hot-line, because spiritually we will serve a master, and I'm not one that is satisfied serving self . . . The I pictured living in town and my neighbors probably finding me stranger than the crazy cat lady; in that I'm friendly, but I only leave the place every couple of weeks. If I didn't have a garden, I'd have to get tomato soup by the case, a couple of jars of peanut butter, saltines work with both, and 50 pounds of dogfood once a month; for a dog nobody would see or hear, because Hank's a night owl and he very rarely barks . . .

I believe we truly do live a parallel spiritual life until we come to G-d's plan for us. I know without YHWH, I was still a novelty and oddity, so I just kept trying and trying . . . to not be seen or noticed. Now, I just want to please Him, and He calls His people, peculiar. I can be who He created me to be, and not worry about the adjectives. He created humans to be spiritual beings, then He allowed us the choice as to what spirit we will listen and serve.

Many do enjoy lavishing themselves with worship and offerings, and they want others to do the same, although I'd hardly say they appreciate it. I believe Proverbs refers to it as folly and mockery. As a matter of fact, I've noticed those who worship their spirit of self, resent anyone who doesn't join them in worship and offerings. I've also discovered these self worshipping individuals are more demanding of time and expense than YHWH's simple request of first fruits.
I've also met many folks who follow other spirits, outside of themselves, believing it is the humanitarian effort of intellectual tolerance. I love intelligence, I believe it's a gift from our Creator, so again, we can serve Him and maintain our logic and intelligence. I am so sad that has been misled by so many, for so many . . .

Then of course, and I've met some of them, there are those people who say very religious things, and come across quite similar aiming for their position of peculiarity, offending to feel persecuted, speaking gibberish and grandiosity claiming a higher spiritual understanding and "authority." Well, I agree with Einstein on that one.
"If you don't understand it well enough to explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough!" I'll also quote Paul in that regard, especially when it comes to religious spirituality. "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." II Corinthians 11:14.

Folks who are peculiar by design of their Creator don't have to put on airs . . . and the most memorable peculiar princes and princesses I've seen, never drew attention to themselves, but they were a notable presence, not to be forgotten!

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