Sunday, March 10, 2013

Still A Princess After All These Years

I realize there is big debate about the celebration of birthdays amongst the Torah Observant believers. Some say it's pagan to celebrate anything not specified in Torah, others are not quite so dogmatic. I don't spend much time on that debate at all. I don't celebrate the "biggies" that are clearly taught against. I don't set up a Christmas tree and say it's for Messiah. I don't color eggs and say I'm celebrating the resurrection. I do, however; celebrate Hanukkah and Purim, in a rather low key fashion, and Passover is one of the Big Events, and clearly the first Holy Day of YHWH's new year, as well as the Holy Day that brought salvation. Y'hshuwah was crucified on Passover, and so every year I do it in remembrance that "Yah is salvation."

Now, as for the less important matters like birthdays. I enjoy rejoicing in life and I praise our Creator for life. I don't, personally, see an issue in noting the annual milestones in life, we call birthdays. As a matter of fact, I checked. My date of birth on the Hebrew calendar is actually mentioned in the Bible, in the book of Esther, and it just so happens to coincide with the writing of this blog today on the Gregorian calendar. Here is my present opinion of birthdays and the celebration thereof.

I like to take one day of the year to be alone or at least totally unencumbered by obligations. My birthday on the Hebrew calandar, I spend focusing on accomplishments or yet to be fulfilled goals of the past year. I like to sort of take an inventory before YHWH, as to progress made and progress needed. This year, I found a place that self still reared it's ugly head, and it was sadly burdensome even to me, so it was both a great and terrible awareness. I had to let go of and lay down some things I thought I was supposed to accomplish, only to discover He had a plan to already fill that "deadness" with HIS purpose. I'm so glad shame and failure of the "proper protocol" has finally been laid to rest.

Since I've been homesteading, YHWH has also blessed me every year with a gift on my birthday on the Gregorian calendar. I think the fact that it happens every year is a reminder of the reflective time between the date on His calendar and the current business as usual one. I also think it's a blessed reminder that it is He who gives us life and regardless of who is celebrating or sending gifts or not calling or not gifting is irrelevant. Life comes from him, and birthdays are the day we acknowledge a new life, so it's nice to be reminded every year that life is precious to our Creator and as this Princess ages, I find those gifts from Him more valuable than any party, candles, or well wishes.

Essentially, a birthday doesn't have to be a big bash to be a notable mile marker. At this time, I intend to celebrate YHWH and give thanks for the life He has given me and rejoice in the fact, by His great design, one day does not just blur into the next and one month doesn't just fall into the next, and each year doesn't just move forward in pointless oblivion. When it comes to being a child of the Most High, even an "old princess" has reason to celebrate.

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