Sunday, October 19, 2014

Something Special

The week of Sukkot was wonderful.  The entire seventh month was just so very special.  It always is, but this year seemed especially spiritual and significant.  With all the uncertainty in the world right now, it was very comforting and reassuring to know these Feast Days of YHUH are forever!  There is a time coming in which we'll all be celebrating in the physical presence of Y'hshuah.  There's also a time coming in which we'll all be celebrating on the same days!

At this point in my walk, I observe the concealed moon as the first day of the new month.  I've observed others along the way, but this one seems right to me.  Of course, the others did too, at the time, which is why I'm saying, "at this point."  There have consistently been three days between my celebration of Yom Teruah and those who go by the sighted sliver, with those who maintain the new month at the lunar conjunction, between the two.  This got me thinking about the seventh month and the fact that even though we aren't all on the same date, there are many celebrating and that covers nearly the entire month.

As previously mentioned there were four days in which someone was celebrating Yom Teruah.  That means the last celebration of Yom Teruah was less than a week before the first folks would be observing Yom Kippur.  By the time those four days of observance were accomplished, the very next day would be the first day of Sukkot for those who keep the concealed moon calculations.  Yesterday would have been the final day of Sukkot for the sighted sliver "folk" while it was the 25th day on the calendar I keep.  I'm saying all this for two really great reasons . . . I think.

First, it was so wonderful to speak with others celebrating on a different day and none of us argued our own observation, we simply wished each other Happy Holy Days.   The second observation, I've made this year is just how many days were truly set apart by those seeking to celebrate these appointed times.  There are less than ten days in this entire month that were not set apart by someone!  That doesn't even cover the people who are keeping other calendars and celebrated earlier.

I'm not suggesting that the specific day doesn't matter, but rather we all truly are trying to please Abba and not be divisive!  It seems the desire for holiness is superseding the need to be right and that is something special!


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