Sunday, February 9, 2014

Polish Your Tiara!

I have to admit, I get a bit excited about Purim, regardless of all the teachings by the "johnny come latelies."  Purim is in the book of Esther and although it isn't included in the High Holy Days or Feast Days as some call them, it is Scripture and my birthday on the Hebrew calendar is mentioned more than once in this book of Esther.  I really do not understand why the latest gnat straining teaches against celebrating Purim.

Granted, the event begins rather grizzly on the 13th, but what's wrong with the feasting and sharing portions?  I realize there are many extras that have been added, like costumes and revelry.  I can't help but wonder if this isn't where the Catholics got their Mardi Gras, yet I digress . . .

When I was running the mission in town, of course we read the book of Esther with groggers sounding.  Then the children would each gather baked snacks or candy and share them with the surrounding neighbors.  And oh, we made crowns, of course.  Esther was a queen.  What's wrong with having a few celebrations that are not exactly somber, not commanded, but not forbidden.

Jeremiah 10 tells us we are not to take on the traditions of the heathen. Purim is a festival of the people of YHWH.  No other people have cause for such celebration.  I get a bit discouraged when I see how rigid some folks insist we become to be the people of Elohim.   As these end of days unfold, I think it's going to be very encouraging to celebrate the protection and victory of the people of YHWH through Chanukkah and Purim.

Meanwhile, my Purim tiara was lost in my last move, but that won't stop me from having a princess day and making some treats to share with the neighbors!

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