Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beauty Created by our Creator

I had an article already written for this week's publication, but a short video came into my awareness that changed everything. In our society of airbrushed beauty, we seem to forget that G-d created us and chose for each of us the features and physical attributes that we have.

As I watched this video, a sense of guilt washed over me, as well as a sense of gratitude. I have never considered myself to be a beautiful woman, but I've clung to the idea of being able to be attractive. Although I consider myself to be the opposite of photogenic, many people have commented on my having pretty eyes and a friendly smile. I choose to believe them. I have no reason to think strangers would comment out of the blue, dishonestly. I don't have the best of self-images and I discovered in watching this video that many others share that same sense of self.

Suffice it to say, I now realize I spent my best years, not appreciating the fact that they were my best years . . . I remember one day, coming to absolute grips with that fact in prayer. Have you ever had G-d just be absolutely blunt with you? Well I did one day as I was whining about my last marriage. I mentioned to my Abba, how I'd given this guy my best years in reference to my vanity and appearance. Abba was very clear and distinct to inform me, those were already history, before I met the guy. Sure enough, my days of even considering vanity are long gone . . . I'm grateful I felt good about myself at 40, it still holds a very fond memory, as it fades further into history.

As I watched this video, I realized we spend so much of our lives focused on what we consider to be our bad features. We are so focused on what we think isn't right, and I'm thinking that may just be downright offensive to our Creator. Our heavenly Father gave us the unique appearance we have and without being vain we can appreciate that. Regardless of physical attributes be they exquisite or "flawed" in our own view, I do know His presence in our life brings out the beauty He created in each of us.

I invite you to watch this illuminating 3 minutes.
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