Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Funny How Things Work

If you saw me, you might not see me as "princess" material. Well, I didn't see myself that way for a long time either, but turns out, I am. I am a Pecuiar Princess, and I'm not alone in that! This is the time of year we are reminded of what Esther did in the Persian Empire, and celebrate that awesome deliverance of her people. I know several women who fancy themselves to be Esthers. I never really saw myself that way, but I did enjoy the discovery that my birthday on the Biblical calendar is mentioned in the book of Esther. Now, last year around this time, a bit earlier, I heard YHWH tell me to enlarge my tent. I'm a literal person, so I figured it was obviously time to add on to the home place.

My daughter, who is very much a princess in her own rite, was talking about relocating to this area, so I naturally assumed the additions would be to accommodate her family while they found or built their own place. We all know the break down of the word ASSUME, right? Back to my enlarged tent. It is awesome. There is an east wing off of the kitchen, which I call the "nook" and it also holds this computer I'm typing on with a book case, etc. so my office is practically a part of the kitchen. I refer to the office portion as the "off nook." In this expansion, there is also now a west wing. My house is white, so wings seem appropriate. Anyway, here I thought this would serve as a sort of family room/extra bedroom, also with a computer, and there are futons all around. But there was a glitch. There always is, and this one was huge! Upon seeing all the effort and expense invested, my daughter changed her mind, of course.

Hardly a big surprise, but I knew two things. She always changes the plans and G-d had never told me it was for them, when He said to expand the tent. Now, I have to admit, it came as quite a blow at first, but life went on, and it has gone on exponentially. Every time I turn around, I realize, there is another opportunity. When I'm not emotionally drained from attempting to appease and accommodate, I have energy to embrace those opportunities. Peculiar Princesses have no business trying to appease and accommodate visitors of other kingdoms. We are to walk in the authority of the kingdom of heaven.

As I bake something special to commemorate Purim, and Esther's brave step, I am also stepping out, "for such a time as this." There are two other Peculiar Princesses who have worked hard to collate this ezine and expand their outreach as well. The west wing addition is now a studio for online radio and video, as well as the future home of those with a passion to serve YHWH in these end of days. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce two very special Princesses whom our Creator calls, Precious and Peculiar. Linda Marte and Terrie Carpenter are contributing journalists to this ezine and we look forward to working together to bring you everything from headlines to recipes, from encouragement to warnings.

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