Sunday, July 13, 2014

Busy, Overload

This princess is pooped!  I don't remember beginning the canning season this tired, before.  I don't think I've suddenly become a sluggard or a slacker, but I even overslept this morning.  The poor rooster must of gone hoarse and gave up.  As I read the prophet portion that accompanies this week's Torah reading, I compared myself to Elisha . . . Twelve yoke of oxen!  By the time you got that much all teamed up and ready, it would be just about time to start unhitching . . .  Twelve yoke of oxen is 24 critters weighing about a ton apiece!  I have no idea how long it would take to get them ready to BEGIN working the field, but even under perfect circumstances and amazing cooperation, I'm guessing to begin working the field by dawn, you'd have to start the night before.

Now fast forward to this peculiar busy person and I think, perhaps I'd get a lot more done with one team yoked for morning, let them rest at noon and take a fresh yoked team for afternoon.  I've literally been so busy and exhausted, I've feared the coming of Messiah a couple of times.  Would he find me sleeping?  I think of those virgins, both wise and foolish.  Do I get so busy, that I'm not even sure where my lamp is? Much less my oil?  So far, I've reeled in and stopped, but it's been close enough to the cliff of the chasm, I don't want to do this next week.  I felt so accomplished getting rid of dust bunnies and organizing, a few weeks ago.  Now, I'm looking at all the summer goodness from Abba, and I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed.  As promised in Deuteronomy 28, I want to enjoy His blessing overtaking me!

Many of us are sensing the changes coming, big changes that are happening.  Although not officially declared, Israel is under attack and basically at war to defend her existence.  Our country is being invaded and overtaken by foreign children.  Who would have seen that one coming?  What a way to invade a country?  It's the ultimate of a war tactic.  Here I was thinking China could just call in the note without firing a shot, but Mexico and South American countries can just send kids; sick, hungry kids . . . Things are changing and I know it's my call to stand in the gap on behalf of the land.  I'm covering as much of this ten acres as I can, and I do know, others will be arriving soon.

I'm laying down the feeling of overload, it's exhausting; to simply do the task at hand.  Rather than have 12 or 24 projects to start each morning, I'll have one or two an hour and a couple that I can multi-task, but I'm the kind of girl that needs to see the project accomplished.  Incompletion wears me out!  So many things have been a blessing these last two weeks, and so many more are unfolding.  I don't want to be too worn out to enjoy them.   I want to know where my lamp is at all times, and have it filled with oil.  I can't pray Come quickly, Messiah, and be too busy or tired to greet Him!

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  1. You experience the hard work that many of us have no idea about! I think I have done a good days work and then I see what you homesteaders are doing. It seems that I do not work nearly as hard as I think I do, and I have lots of room for improvement!