Sunday, October 13, 2013

Princess Ideas

I am learning the best ideas, of course come from our King.  I am also learning, the best ideas come when they will meet a need.  The King of the Universe is very efficient!  He doesn't need a huge inventory to work with.  I keep this continually in mind with my life and business.  There are some things in which inventory is required to be ready and other things made in advance will only be outdated and ineffective when the need arises.

As so many are considering a more independent and natural approach to life, I can share just a few ideas for an example.  Some, I've learned the hard way, but those are getting fewer and farther between.  Thank Adonai for that!  As a business woman I have two types of product, those that need "curing" time, but are virtually nonperishable.  Then there are the other products that are formulated fairly quickly, but have a relatively short shelf life.  That's right, it's both ends of the continuum with little between.

When it comes to living off the land, there is considerable planning involved to be successful, and it's rather meticulous at the beginning and the end product, but again in between it's just a matter of the time it takes.  I plan my garden spots in the fall, and the produce I plan to raise.  Some, are automatic, like the early stuff, but the amount of beans, number of tomatoes and peppers depends upon this year's harvest and how much I've preserved.  I don't need more than I can use and share, reasonably.  It's entirely too expensive to try to ship canning.  That's an "in person" kind of sharing.

So much of our society is now based upon instant and whim, that it seems peculiar to make plans beyond "the week-end," but the King of the Universe has a plan, on a grand scale and for each individual.  The first time I saw this "saying" it spoke volumes to me.  Now I won't get it verbatim, but the concept has stayed with me.

                           "Failure to plan, is the plan for failure"

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